It's Your BEST Shot Charitable Foundation
Non-Profit Organization
"Giving Hope and Comfort to Our Fellow Man"



Since I was a teenager I have always wanted to start a charity or foundation to help people in need or less fortunate than me. In December of 2012, my vision was finally set into motion. Growing up, my parents always helped anyone who was in need. Whether in need of a place to stay, food, a ride, or just a listening ear, my parents were there. I saw the joy that it brought to both of them and the people they reached out to. I saw my parents live the life that is talked about in the Bible and I wanted to do the same. Jesus took care of people's needs and we are to pattern our life after His. I wondered how I was going to fund my charity and after talking it over with a friend, we decided just to go out on faith. In December of 2012, It's Your BEST Shot started with the mission of "giving hope and comfort to our fellow man." Our first act of service was giving fruit baskets. We passed out 20 fruit baskets to senior citizens in the community. Their reaction was very touching: they were so thankful for the baskets, but more importantly that someone took time to think about them.  I learned that it's not always the big things in life but the small ones that really make a difference. I just hope that God continues blessing It's Your BEST Shot, so we can continue to be of service to others and are able to stay true to our mission of giving. Peace and Love to all,

Eric W. Best Sr.


Executive Board Members

Eric W. Best Sr. (Chair), Deitra Huff-Smith, MA. (Vice-Chair), Sarah Jones BSN,RN, Anthony Powell, Esq.,

Josette C. Palmer, MD,M.P.H., Carol Bolden, Joanne Jackson, Lawrence S. Feinson, Pamela A. Reilly,

Michelle Hailey, MBA,MSN,RN, William Gallon, Pastor Edward L. Richardson, D. Min.


Eric W. Best Sr. (CEO), James G. Jones (Treasurer), Sarah Jones, BSN,RN (Secretary)


Kathy Rivera, Shanta Waugh, Jesse and Odesa Best Jr., Jesse S. Best III, Tonda Harris, Linda K. Spencer,

Wanda Samuel, Teresa Mendenhall, Dora Harris, Wayne Jones, Eric W. Best Jr., Tiara A Best, Gail Best,

Linda Franks, Christine Wieben, Vincent and Tatyana Schober, Sherron and Nicole Grays, Marc Jones

 Melissa Riskin, Thomas and Jeanne Imbrigiotta, Latoya Best, Deja Langstion, Alexis Langston,

Marc Jones Jr., Molly Schreiner, Erica Best, Robin Sanders, Brian Painter, Debbie Jones,

Danielle Bounchand, Jamea Hill, Kara M. Watson